Yummy Supper Blogger Erin Scott's Cucumber Gimlet

Yummy Supper Blogger Erin Scott's Cucumber Gimlet | Lonny.com
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What's your go-to cocktail? The one that wipes away the day's mishaps and makes the world seem like it's not all going to the dogs. For Yummy Supper blogger Erin Scott, that would be a cucumber gimlet. "I vividly remember my first sip of a classic gimlet when I was in college in New York decades ago," says the author of Yummy Supper: 100 Fresh, Luscious & Honest Recipes from a {Gluten Free} Omnivore. "I fell in love right then and there with the intense pucker of Rose's lime juice."

To make it hers, the gardener, photographer, and mom created her own lime syrup with fresh citrus, then combined the results with the crisp, fresh taste of cucumber. "Cucumber and lime are delicious together, and the vibrant skins of the cucumber give an almost otherworldly color to the drink." Her pro tip: If you can find them, use Persian cucumbers. "Their delicate peels and lack of big seeds make them especially well suited to this cocktail," she says. "And before juicing, roll limes against the countertop with the heel of your hand. It makes the whole process much easier."

Cucumber Gimlet
Serves 4 or 5

-- 2 or 3 Persian cucumbers or 1 regular cucumber, seeded
-- ½ cup freshly squeezed lime juice
-- ½ cup water
-- ½ cup light agave nectar
-- your favorite gin (Hendrick's, with its flowery, botanical flavor, is my pick)
-- ice cubes

1. Coarsely chop enough cucumber to get ½ cup. Slice the remaining cucumbers into thin rounds for garnish.

2. In a standing blender or food processor, thoroughly puree the lime juice, water, agave nectar, and chopped cucumber. Strain the pulp through a fine-mesh strainer.

3. For each drink, mix 2 ounces (¼ cup) booze with 2 ounces (¼ cup) cucumber lime syrup. Add ice cubes and cucumber rounds for garnish. Yum!
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