How to Throw a Cinco de Derby or Derby de Mayo Party

Call it what you want—just never choose one holiday over the other again

How to Thow a Cinco de Derby or Derby de Mayo Party

For an indecisive person like me, the first weekend in May is always devastating. On the one hand, you've got the Kentucky Derby, that over-the-top celebration of horse racing, big hats, and one-too-many mint juleps. On the other, you've got Cinco de Mayo, that over-the-top celebration of the Mexican victory over the French at Puebla, big hats, and one-too-many margaritas. (See where we're going with this?) Since both traditionally take place during the first week of May, parties dedicated to each typically happen at the same time, leaving you to feel like a child forced to choose between parents. We're here to fix that quandary.

The next time you find yourself caught between the two holidays—like this upcoming weekend—take charge by throwing an easy, no-fuss Cinco de Derby (Derby de Mayo?) party with all the cross-cultural trimmings. Sure, you could embrace sombreros (hats!) and piñatas (horses!), but we prefer a more subtle approach. Start with a Mexican serape table runner, a mint-filled planter centerpiece (in a copper tray that looks remarkably like a horse trough), and floral-themed dishes that feel right at home at a southern garden party. Finish with papel picado garland, a taco-and-fried-chicken menu, and plenty of tequila and bourbon to go around. Then toast to never having to pick sides again. 

I'm the former Deputy Editor at Lonny.