Happy Hour: A Guinness Float for St. Patrick's Day

Lonny photo editor Genevieve Garruppo concocts a festive beer-and-ice-cream beverage to celebrate the holiday

Garruppo? Fernandez? Lonny's photo editor and I are not a lick Irish, but that's not going to stop us from celebrating St. Patrick's Day like the best of 'em. Taking the popularity of Diana Yen's berry-and-prosecco ice cream float as our cue—and because we'll act on any excuse to fooster, as they say on the Emerald Isle—we decided to concoct a drink befitting the holiday and everyone who holds it dear. Witness Genevieve's creamy dessert-like concoction, a mix of Guinness (we subbed in a malty Evil Twin Ashtray Heart smoked porter) and Steve's Ice Cream Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla.

To make, drizzle chile-infused Mike's Hot Honey into a goblet while spinning the glass to coat the walls. Add two scoops of the bourbon vanilla ice cream; fill glass with 4 ounces of the beer, and then enjoy. Or as the Irish say, sláinte!

I'm the former Deputy Editor at Lonny.
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