4 Delicious Healthy Dishes Hosts Can Make In A Pinch

From poke bowls, to gelato, and everything in between.

4 Delicious Healthy Dishes Hosts Can Make in a Pinch
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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: hosting a party is hard stuff. And in between sending invitations, making a bumpin’ playlist, and creating an Insta-worthy atmosphere, you have to feed your guests. Ugh.

Store-bought guac and chips are an easy fix, but not necessarily party-of-the-year material. So does that mean you need to spend hours in the kitchen to create something special? Not exactly.

We asked Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse, founders of cool wellness company CAP Beauty and authors of High Vibrational Beauty, for their favorite dishes hosts can make in a pinch. Below, four easy recipes hosts can make ahead of time that will have everyone talking.

4 Delicious Healthy Dishes Hosts Can Make in a Pinch
Courtesy of CAP Beauty.

Birthday Gelato

Serves Four To Six

“Weeks before her 35th birthday, Cindy found herself on retreat, a yoga retreat that is, in the rolling hills of Tuscany," share Morisse and Pamer. "There, she met some lifelong friends from all over the world who surprised her with not just a birthday cake, but an actual gelato truck. Gelato is the consummate Italian treat and hazelnuts are a winter favorite. Thanks to a perfect memory, this nutty nice cream will always invoke the power of travel, friendship and of course, yoga.”


1/2 cup hazelnuts

two 14-ounce cans of cold coconut milk

1/2  cup cacao powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract or 1/2 vanilla bean

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/4  cup cacao nibs


Preheat the oven to 350°F. Place the hazelnuts on a baking sheet and roast for 10 minutes, or until they begin to darken and become aromatic. When cool enough to handle, rub off the skins with a clean kitchen towel. Roughly chop and reserve.

Meanwhile, place a large metal bowl and the corresponding whisk or beater attachment in the freezer for at least one hour before preparation. Carefully scoop out the coconut cream from the top of the cans and transfer that into the chilled bowl. Discard the coconut water or reserve it for another use. Begin to whip the cream on high speed, until aerated and soft peaks begin to form. Add in the cacao powder, vanilla, and syrup, and whip for one minute longer. Gently fold in the reserved hazelnuts and the cacao nibs. Remove and place in a small cake pan. Immediately put in the freezer to chill for at least six hours. When ready to serve, scoop with an ice cream scoop, and enjoy!

Our Way Poke

Serves Four

“Aloha, little poke. This classic dish from Hawaii is having moment," remark Morisse and Pamer. "And, for good reason. The delicious combination of fresher than fresh fish brings vacation to you. Our version taps into the never-ending of plants. Top with greens or eat it straight from your favorite bowl. This is island living at its best.”


One Scallion, sliced thinly

1/2 sweet onion, finely diced

One and a half  tablespoons tamari or coconut aminos

One tablespoon fresh lemon juice

One teaspoon honey or coconut sugar

One teaspoon grated ginger

Two teaspoons toasted sesame oil

One tablespoon black sesame seeds, toasted

Two cups ripe papaya chunks (1/2 inch)

1/4  cup hijiki

Cauliflower Coconut Rice

Garnishes (optional)

Sliced avocado

Shiso, cilantro, mint

Scallions, sliced on the bias

Toasted macadamia nuts

Holy Herbs Schichimi

Red pepper flakes

Lime wedges


Whisk together the scallion, onion, tamari or aminos, lemon juice, honey or sugar, ginger, oil and sesame seeds in a large mixing bowl. Add the papaya and mix well. Transfer to the refrigerator and let sit in marinade overnight.

Soak the hijiki in warm water to rehydrate for five to ten minutes. Drain and squeeze out any excess moisture. Add the hijiki to the bowl of papaya, and mix well.

Mound 1/2  to 3/4 cup of cauliflower rice on a plate, top with 1/2  to 3/4 cup of the papaya and add any garnishes you desire.

NOTE: You can make a spicy poke sauce by combining 1/2 cup coconut mayonnaise with 1 tablespoon lacto-fermented hot sauce and 1/2 teaspoon sweetener.

4 Delicious Healthy Dishes Hosts Can Make in a Pinch
Courtesy of CAP Beauty.

Hibiscus Horchata

Serves Four

“This elevated drink relies on protein-heavy tiger nuts and fragrant hibiscus to deliver an elegant take on one of our favorite Mexican street drinks: the classic horchata. Hibiscus ice cubes lend their floral notes to the earthy, sweet and prebiotic-heavy tiger nuts, resulting in a pink tower of power," explain Morisse and Pamer. "Feel the roar.”


One cup tiger nuts

Eight cups filtered water, divided

1/2 cup dried hibiscus flowers

1/4  cup honey

1/2  teaspoon vanilla powder or one teaspoon vanilla extract


Using two separate containers, soak the nuts in four cups of water and the flowers in four cups of water in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Strain the nuts and discard the soaking liquid. Transfer them to a high-speed blender. Strain the hibiscus liquid into the blender, discarding or composting the flowers. Blend on high until the mixture is completely smooth, about one to two minutes. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth. Stir in the honey and vanilla, and serve over ice.

John’s Bright, Light Pepitas

Serves Many

“Kerrilynn's husband is the master of snacks, and his take on one of our favorite snack foods, Sprouties, is a testament to his genius," say Morisse and Pamer. "His addition of Ethiopian berbere and apple cider vinegar up-levels them, while adding a bit of spice and tang. Crunchy and addictive, these seeds are great on top of a salad or eaten straight up. We like them any time of day. Any way.”


One cup pepitas

One cup apple cider vinegar

One tablespoon Berbere or crushed chile blend

Four tablespoons nutritional yeast

1/2 cup small coconut flakes

One teaspoon Himalayan pink salt


In a medium bowl, soak the pepitas in the vinegar overnight. Strain, and reserve the vinegar for another batch, if desired. In a small bowl, combine the Berbere or chile blend, yeast, coconut, and salt. Pour over the pepitas, making sure to cover and distribute the mixture evenly. Put in the dehydrator for 18 to 24 hours at 118°F (check at 18 hours, and, if not crisp, keep dehydrating). Alternatively, bake in a 350°F oven for one hour, stirring often.

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