Why Wine Is The Secret Ingredient To Amazing BBQ

Another reason to rosé all day.

Why Wine Is The Secret Ingredient To Amazing BBQ

Imagine the scene of your typical BBQ. The sun is out, someone is flipping burgers, and friends and family are chatting with cold cans in hand. While we've been taught from tradition that beer is the perfect complement to good ol' American BBQ, a great glass of vino would actually make the experience top notch. We chatted with Andrew Ghetia of San Francisco's popular 4505 Burgers and BBQ who told us why grapes may be the key to the perfect backyard gathering.

"I think wine and BBQ is a phenomenal pairing," says Ghetia. "Now I am big fan of drink what you want to drink. People are always going to end up happier if they don’t feel forced into drinking one particular thing. That being said, there are some things that just elevate that meal. I think going for a beer is always great, but wine really does pair well." 

As the head chef turned Area Director of the 4505 Meats, Ghetia knows BBQ. While finding sustainable and local meats is always a goal on the culinary side, so is finding great quality wines that really enhance the flavors of the meal. "Taking a responsible and thoughtful approach to sourcing is so important. We buy a lot of high acid, mineral, lighter wines," says Ghetia. "It goes really well with the richness of the BBQ."

Why Wine Is The Secret Ingredient To Amazing BBQ
Courtesy of Hobo Wines; Lonny.

Ghettia's go-to pairing for any BBQ dish? A nice glass of Zinfandel. "If anyone ever asks me about BBQ wine pairings, I’d always say Zin," he says. "The wine really came into its own in America and really fits with American-style BBQ. It's fruit forward, but not jammy and goes really great with beef." His recommendation? A 2015 Zinfandel from Hobo Winery.

Why Wine Is The Secret Ingredient To Amazing BBQ
Courtesy of Matthiasson; Lonny.

Have BBQ chicken on the menu? You better break out a bottle of Chardonnay. "A bottle with medium body and neutral oak really pairs well with the smokiness, but is also dry enough to cut through the skin," says Ghetia. He pairs chicken with a local Napa wine from Matthiasson at the restaurant, but you can also try out a crisp Australian Chardonnay like Notable for a fresh alternative.

Why Wine Is The Secret Ingredient To Amazing BBQ
Courtesy of Broc Cellars; Lonny.

If rosé is your thing, have no fear. Ghetia says the pink drink is a great pairing for most BBQ bites. "It might seem like a funny pairing, but we have a Broc Cellars rosé on draft. If you are going to a BBQ early in the day, it's a really refreshing option." He adds, "I would go for Zin for sure if you’re doing something in the afternoon evening. If you’re doing big BBQ foods, Zin just goes so well with it. You’re really showcasing something all-American." Well looks we're going to be breaking out those wine glasses for all summer long.

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