5 Low-Key Tips For Those Who Can’t With “Spring Break”

Spring Break doesn't have to involve Cancun

The snow has finally started to melt, birds are chirping again, and bare limbs are slowly seeing the light of day. Yep, it's officially spring. That means more flowers, more sun, and no more winter for at least eight months (!) and it also means you’re likely getting bombarded by people like us (sorry!) telling you about all the spring break trips that you just have to take.

If you're the type of person who loves a wild week of partying, I salute you, but you may want to skip this one because this is not the spring break article for you. But for those, who like me, have never been cut out for the traditional spring break trip, please carry on.

Having spent my adult life shunning wheeled-suitcases and bag-check lines at the airport, I‘ve learned a thing or two on how to pack lightly. So, when Ford Motor Company invited Lonny on a weekend-long trip to Ojai, CA to try out their new Ford EcoSport with the idea that we would be learning how to optimize our use of space for our lives and our travels I knew I was up for the challenge. With only a light backpack and way too much hubris, I set out on a quest to achieve my most low-key spring vacation yet and I'm here to offer my insights to you. So for all of the haters out there, get ready to love spring break again.

Pack Light

This may be one of the most important aspects of your low-key vacation. Worrying about a large suitcase or spending an excessive amount of time on choosing an outfit every day can create anxiety and take up extra mental space that would be better used for thinking about what to eat or where to explore next. So ditch your rolling travel bag and opt for a backpack or small duffle to ensure that you keep your packed clothing and toiletries to a minimum.

Make The Most Out Of The Space You Have

Driving to your destination? Utilize the extra space in your car (since you didn’t bring a large suitcase!) for snacks, games, your favorite pillow, or anything else you might need for the drive. The Ford EcoSport that we drove from LA to Ojai is a compact SUV that is full of handy compartments so we could stash our stuff to get it out of our way during the drive up the coast.

The Ideal Spring Break Trip For Those Who Can’t With “Spring Break”
Courtesy of Briana Gagnier.

Keep Your Destination Minimal

A low-key trip means a low-key destination. Whether you choose to go the camping route or opt for something with a few more amenities like an airstream, make sure that where you stay doesn’t ask much from you. Caravan Outpost in Ojai, where we stayed, provided just the right amount of comfort without requiring us to dress up for dinner.

Utilize Your Surroundings

The best part of a low-key trip is that you don’t have to plan much! If you’re going somewhere with hiking use the mountains as your activity. If you’re going somewhere with great shopping — shop! No matter what your destination offers be sure to center your activities around that place and reap from it all that you can.

Savor The Moment

Lastly, don't forget to relax. Vacations don't have to be all about long itineraries and highly instagrammable moments. Your time away from the office should be stress-free, so rather than worrying about making everything perfect, let the journey be part of the trip and embrace what you find along the way. The Ojai vibes may have gotten to me, but I truly believe that leaving most of your closet behind and remaining in the moment within your surroundings makes for the ideal spring break trip, with or without the tropical drinks.

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