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Everything We're Buying From Nordstrom's BIG Half-Yearly Sale

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Designed by Briana Gagnier.
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Nordstrom is having a massive sale, and it's so good we're stressing out. Is there enough time in the day to fill our carts with every major bargain being offered? Technically, no. But it's no secret we love a good markdown, and this one was too hard to resist. 

From Le Creuset necessities to Google Wifi to a few small-space hacks, Nordstrom is offering up just about everything we need to survive, and then some. These items are so much better than the "buy-but-only-because-it's-marked-down" pieces that we all eventually get rid of anyways — these are the functional, design-centric pieces we'd consider buying full price. Read ahead to see what we found.