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Have you ever looked around your home and wondered if you might be well on your way to hoarder-dom? Telltale signs include: a kitchen counter crowded with half-empty cereal boxes; a collection of depleted shampoo bottles, none of which volumizes like you want it to; a closet overstuffed with denim because you heard mom jeans were coming back in style but you can't shake your skinny jeans.

We’re here for you. Before things get really out of hand, take a minute to assess your situation and ask yourself: What would Oprah do? If you’re not really where you want to be as we head into 2016, grab the new year by the cojones and start cleansing and de-cluttering with a vengeance. Ahead, 10 things to chuck right now for a head start on a whole new lease on life.

By Sean Santiago