Photographed by Nicole Cohen for Man Repeller.
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If you aren't following Man Repeller than you aren't doing the internet right. The amazing site, led by the incredible Leandra Medine, covers style, feminism, politics, and culture — all with a much-needed dash of humor.

If you're lucky enough to be based in NYC, you now have the opportunity to engage with Man Repeller IRL. For the month of March, the site launched the MR Bazaar, a pop-up community hub and shop designed for people to come together, hang out, read, purchase exclusive merch, and take part in cool programming.

The Canal Street Market location is not only a fun gathering space, but it's also totally stylish. "I wanted to make it an eclectic mix that also felt uniquely us," said Man Repeller's Visual Manager Emily Zirimis. "I wanted the pop-yness of MR to be present - the colors, vibrancy, and humor. I designed the space keeping people in mind and how they would interact with it, and partnered with Lulu & Georgia on the rugs, poufs and design accents throughout to make the space welcoming."

Since many of us can't make it to the MR Bazaar ourselves, we wanted to give you a look into the incredibly cool hub — neon boobs and all. Take a look through and get inspired.