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Explore The U.K.'s Answer To The Wing

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Photographed by Tina Hillier for The AllBright.
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In reaction to the current political and social climate, women's clubs like The Wing and The Assembly are popping up all over the U.S. as spaces for work, community, and empowerment. Well, ladies across the pond want a "room of her own" as well.

Inspired by the words and ideals of Virginia Woolf, The Allbright just opened as the first members' club of its kind in London for women to create, connect, and collaborate. Located in a gorgeous five-story Georgian townhouse in the writer's old neighborhood, Bloomsbury, the space combines lounges, meeting rooms, a bar, and even a full-service beauty space.

Katie Earl and Emma Rayner, co-founders of No.12 Studio, transformed the historic building into the female-friendly retreat. "It is exciting for the studio to design the first members club of its kind for the U.K. market," says the pair. "It was important to us in the way that we believe in offering something that will allow an equal platform for women."

We asked the designers to share their process of shaping The Allbright into the perfect U.K. women's club. Read ahead to explore the space and get the design details.