A Lonny Editor's Home Makeover: The Kitchen

When they bought their first house in historic Williamstown, Massachusetts, 
Lonny Art Director Wendy Scofield and her husband James Tracey knew it would need major renovations in order to be livable and comfortable for their growing family. The major selling points? Five bedrooms, a gracious wraparound porch, and a spacious second-floor sitting room. Beyond that, virtually every space would need to be majorly made over, and the shelter magazine-alum Wendy and talented handyman James were just the duo for the job.

(The kitchen post-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
For the food-obsessed couple (James is the Executive Chef at Tom Colicchio's award-winning restaurants), the kitchen was a major priority. "When we bought the house, we vowed it was the first thing we'd redo," Wendy remembers. The couple painted the walls a warm red, whitewashed the cabinets, and replaced the oven, sink, and range. The big addition was a butcher-block center island, hand-crafted by Wendy and James with custom oak legs and capped with copper flashing.

(The kitchen pre-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
A small pantry off the kitchen was an eyesore when the couple first moved in—the shelving was raw wood, the walls were an off-shade of eggshell, and the molding needed updating. Wendy and James added the same happy red paint they used in the kitchen and covered the moldings and shelves in a sparkling white. "We didn't have a mudroom, so this served as a multi-purpose space where we could store supplies, hang coats, and kick off our shoes," Wendy says. 

The pantry, post- and pre-makeover
The bright, updated space turned out beautifully—and quickly became (as most kitchens tend to be) the home's most trafficked room. "It really ended up being the centerpiece of the house," Wendy recalls fondly.
I'm the former Style Editor at Lonny.
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