A Lonny Editor's Home Makeover: The Family Room

When they bought their first house in historic Williamstown, Massachusetts, Lonny Art Director Wendy Scofield and her husband James Tracey knew it would need major renovations in order to be livable and comfortable for their growing family. The major selling points? Five bedrooms, a gracious wraparound porch, and a spacious second-floor sitting room. Beyond that, virtually every space would need to be majorly made over, and the shelter magazine-alum Wendy and talented handyman James were just the duo for the job.

Home makeovers | Lonny.com
(The family room pre-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
To revitalize their family room, the husband-and-wife team ripped off the outdated wallpaper, which had been hanging in the home for more than 30 years, and then painted the room four or five times until they found the perfect hue—a warm bisque color to minimize reflections from the large windows. They also stripped and painted all of the trim a high-gloss white to bring out the shape while keeping everything clean and fresh. The result? A contemporary retreat where the family could unwind together in style.

Home makeovers | Lonny.comHome makeovers | Lonny.com
(The family room post-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
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