A Studio Overhaul in New York City

Need a little help remodeling your home, but don't know where to start? Enter Homepolish, a company that connects style-conscious would-be-renovators with savvy, expert interior designers—without the killer fees. From gut renovations to deciding on the best accessories, Homepolish designers have done it all, all across the country (the company works out of LA, SF, DC and NYC), so we asked them to share some of their most recent projects.

HomePolish makeovers | Lonny.com(Ph. HomePolish)
Who was the client for this project?
A California transplant—a young bachelorette in her twenties. She wanted her space to reflect her new New York lifestyle without losing the West Coast sunshine.

What did the designer do?
The client moved in with nothing but an old sofa. We built a custom bed frame (made out of shipping pallets) and found creative ways to display her extensive accessories collection on a shoestring budget.

What were the specific challenges of the project?
She wanted a studio that could function as both a private bedroom and a space for entertaining friends. We oriented the bed as one would a daybed and filled it with bright patterned and velvet pillows so there's no need for a sofa—when friends are over they sit on her bed without it being an awkward experience. We gave her giant 36" floor pillows that can be used as additional seating and painted her closets and an adjacent wall in chalkboard paint, so she has a place to keep notes from friends and her daily yoga poses.

HomePolish makeovers | Lonny.comHomePolish makeovers | Lonny.com(Photos Chellise Michael Photography/HomePolish)
What can a reader take away from this project?
Using alternative and found materials like shipping pallets can sometimes be an easy way to create a custom piece for almost no money. Rethink traditional furniture and take advantage of local flea markets. Sometimes a piece with a past can be just the right final touch!
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