A Lonny Editor's Home Makeover: The Master Bath

(Lonny / Wendy Scofield)
When they bought their first house in historic Williamstown, Massachusetts, Lonny Art Director Wendy Scofield and her husband James Tracey knew it would need major renovations in order to be livable and comfortable for their growing family. The major selling points? Five bedrooms, a gracious wraparound porch, and a spacious second-floor sitting room. Beyond that, virtually every space would need to be majorly made over, and the shelter magazine-alum Wendy and talented handyman James were just the duo for the job.

(The bathroom post-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
Unlike the kitchendining room, and family room, which were relatively DIY-friendly, the master bathroom came with a host of complications that only a professional should tackle. So Wendy and James enlisted custom-furniture maker Franz Gonzalez of Williamstown's Hewn Furniture to help. "We wanted to create a room that was luxurious, light-filled, and serene," Wendy says. Together, the trio ripped out the linoleum flooring, plastic tiles, and fiberglass shower stall; they also tore down walls—eliminating a hallway and small linen closet—to enlarge the main space of the bathroom. 

(The bathroom pre-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
Once all the debris was cleared, the couple settled on a seaside-inspired color palette that complemented three large planks of black walnut (which Wendy's father had been saving for the right project) they planned to use for the window ledge, countertop, and shelving above the toilet. Next, Wendy and Franz began drafting plans for the overall design. The existing window was replaced with a custom-built row of three that coordinated with the original windows on that side of the house. Franz built all the cabinetry, including a his-and-her vanity made of burled wood. Slate flooring completed the natural feel of the room.

(The bathroom post-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
To replace the dingy stall, Wendy and James created a walk-in shower area with a small half-wall to block excess spray. "I didn't want anything to feel enclosed at all," Wendy says. "And I really didn't want to have a shower curtain or glass door that trapped in moisture." They also added a long, deep soaking tub. "We're both so tall, so I wanted to make sure we both fit comfortably," Wendy remembers. "Living in a New York City apartment, I still dream about that bathroom." Now we will, too.

(The bathroom post-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
I'm the former Deputy Editor at Lonny.
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