Lessons From a Loft Revamp

Need a little help remodeling your home, but don't know where to start? Enter Homepolish, a company that connects style-conscious would-be-renovators with savvy, expert interior designers—without the killer fees. From gut renovations to deciding on the best accessories, Homepolish designers have done it all, all across the country (the company works out of LA, SF, DC and NYC), so we asked them to share some of their most recent projects.

HomePolish makeovers | Lonny.com(Ph. HomePolish)
Who was the client for this project?
The couple—he's in finance, she's a branding entrepreneur—wanted a space that felt like a polished home, a space that reflected their laid back lifestyle and creative spirits. She wanted everything white and he wanted to make sure the space was manly enough.

What did the designer do?
The first step was to understand the layout of the space. She wanted a living room where she could read, and he wanted a family room for watching sports. With few interior walls, the furniture layout was key to dividing this 3,500-square-foot space into separate feeling rooms. We used a few of their existing vintage pieces and acquired new ones, like the 12-foot entry bookcase, which was used to create a foyer wall and separates the entry from the new dressing area.

HomePolish makeovers | Lonny.comHomePolish makeovers | Lonny.com(Photos Chellise Michael Photography/HomePolish)
What were the specific challenges of the project?
Working with a couple means having to understand how they both view the space and come up with creative solutions that take into account their individual needs. There is always a solution. A good designer should constantly be in pursuit of one.

What can a reader take away from this project?
One of the benefits of a great designer is having a third opinion that can relieve the stress of creating a space together. And a color can be both masculine and feminine—it's all in the presentation.
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