The Diaper Bag Even Non-Parents Will Covet

Leader Bag | Julien Backpack in Natural. All images courtesy of Leader Bag Co)It's finally here: the moment I've been anticipating for years. So why does it feel slightly bittersweet? Suffice to say that with one toddler out of diapers and the second showing a slight interest in potty training, my kids' infant years have officially ended—but I'd be tempted to relive them all over again if I could have Leader Bag Co's Julien Backpack by my side.

Leader Bag | Julien Backpack in Black)How much would I have loved to run around town with my baby in a carrier and this handsome, heirloom-worthy specimen slung over my shoulder? Crafted of water-repellent canvas and vegetable-tanned leather with rose gold–plated hardware, the backpack is the embodiment of utilitarian chic. Each comes with a padded, wipeable changing mat and a gorgeous leather pouch (at lower right in the image below) that's versatile enough to be tucked under your arm for date night. At $425, the Julien isn't an impulse buy; think of it as an investment you'll be using for years.
Leader Bag | Lonny.comAnyone who's ever had to root through a jumbled mess of a bag in a desperate search for diapers—baby screaming, bystanders silently judging—will know how important an organized interior can be. Multiple interior and exterior pockets mean you can reach right in and find what you're looking for. And let's not forget about those all-important stroller straps.

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Fittingly enough, Leader Bag Co is a true family business, founded by sisters-in-law (and mothers!) Megan Nesher, Liz Nesher Elliott, and Jess Nesher. Based in Maine, Oregon, and Florida, and with a director of product and design in New York City, the team is a true 21st-century endeavor. Rock on, ladies. Thanks for making the diaper drudgery game just a little bit more beautiful.

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