Autumn at the Shore: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Havens Beach Residence |
(The living room of the Havens Beach Residence. All photos courtesy of Kid & Coe.)
Here's a little secret that all true beach lovers know: The coast is at its best after summer ends. The mood is relaxed, the crowds die down, and the weather is often gloriously crisp and sunny. With fall escapes on my agenda and a couple of rambunctious toddlers that need to get outdoors, I'm turning to my favorite vacation-rental resource, Kid & Coe—and am currently plotting a getaway to the Havens Beach Residence in Sag Harbor, New York.

The genius of Kid & Coe is its well-curated array of properties geared specifically to families who also love design. That's exactly what makes the Havens Beach Residence so appealing; its interiors possess character and a real sense of family history. "This is the house I grew up coming to—my parents bought it in the late '60s, and we have remodeled almost every inch while being mindful to keep the original feeling the same," says the owner. Her primary concern? "We wanted to make sure every surface could take a wet bathing suit if necessary." Read on for a few of our favorite elements—for kids and adults—from this home's design.

Havens Beach Residence |
"We love white (Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee, to be exact) and a neutral palette that feels like the East End of Long Island. Sag Harbor is sand, sea, and sky to us, thus the browns and blues. When we're out in the cold days of winter, it still feels like a house near the beach." 

Havens Beach Residence |
"My late father was a woodworker in his spare time, and worked on the house constantly. He built all the closets in the guest room, laid all the floors, and built our coffee table and desk. He had a workshop in the basement and was inspired by the Shaker tradition in which everything has a purpose, a lesson that has stayed with us. The dining table he built is the center of our lives in Sag Harbor and what we based our whole kitchen remodel around." 

Havens Beach Residence | Lonny.comHavens Beach Residence |
"All the photos in the house are by local artists on the East End of Long Island. The flags in my daughter's room are [from the] military service of my mother's uncle and brother in both of the World Wars." 

Havens Beach Residence |
"We are inspired by nautical design and how everything on a ship has a purpose. The built-ins are simple, beautiful, and functional—especially [thanks to] the storage that we include in every one."

Havens Beach Residence |
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