Picasso For Beginners: Meet the Artist Books

Story time just took a decidedly cultured turn. That's because the new Meet the Artist series from Princeton Architectural Press is bringing the iconic works of Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso to a Pixar audience.

From Left: Alexander Calder: Meet the Artist and Pablo Picasso: Meet the Artist, $18 each
The debut offerings from the series tell the life stories of Calder and Picasso through exuberant pop-up illustrations by author and graphic designer Patricia Geis. A Henri Matisse–themed installment is slated for October.

But the books offer more than digestible 3-D biographies of the icons' lives and works; they also present a hands-on opportunity to budding artists, inviting readers to create their own takes on Calder's groundbreaking kinetic Circus and Picasso's cubist collages. We can't think of a better gift for that budding seven-year-old visual talent.
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