Heads Up, Design-Loving New Parents: Meet Stokke Steps

The birth of a baby brings with it many things: round-the-clock feedings, a steady stream of diaper changes, constant exhaustion, unbridled joy. And lots and lots of garish, expensive, infant-related accessories (I'm looking at you, Exersaucer) that we're somehow supposed to willingly integrate into our household. Thankfully, there's Norwegian company Stokke, which creates innovative children's products with impeccable functionality and a clean-lined Scandinavian sensibility. Case in point: the company's newest offering, Stokke Steps, a modular bouncer-highchair combination that seamlessly brings baby into your well-designed life. Need proof? Let's take a look at three scenarios from their latest campaign.

1. The Bouncer
Think of this as the all-important entertainment unit for an infant. The cocooning silhouette and sophisticated colors do justice to any adult interior (note here: color-coordinated bookshelves!). Add a few casually strewn burp cloths and an impromptu diaper station in the corner, and this scenario would be catnip to any new-mom fantasies. 

2. At the Table
Life with a newborn consists more often than not of meals grabbed on the fly: a hasty bite at the kitchen counter, a sandwich gobbled mid-stride. But the genius of Stokke Steps is that with the bouncer-highchair model, you can put your baby right next to you at the table while you enjoy a proper meal. For the non-parents out there, I know this sounds banal, but for those who know what I'm talking about, let's take a moment to go over that once more: Your baby right next to you at the table. While you enjoy a proper meal

(All photos courtesy of Stokke)3. The Children's Chair
So much of your run-of-the-mill baby stuff is meant to be throwaway—use it for a few months, if that, and then set it on fire because you never want to see it again. Not Stokke Steps. The beech wood chair transitions easily to become your kid's chosen seat at the dinner table or a favored spot for homework (although letting a toddler near this dainty little desk is just asking for trouble). As an investment piece that could conceivably last for a decade of your child's life, this gets a thumbs-up from us. And, hey, it never hurts to start them early down the path of good design.

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