3 Ways with Gallery Walls

We like to think that a creatively stimulated child is a happy child—so it stands to reason that a gallery wall should be an all-ages affair. But there's more than one way to display. Below, three fresh and youthful takes on the perennial designer favorite.

(Photo: Patrick Cline/Lonny)
Idea 1: Blend It
In their Upper East Side home in Manhattan, Alistair and Blair Clarke equipped their daughters' room with a truly unique aesthetic by eschewing the cutesy cartoon route in favor of framed, gallery-worthy works juxtaposed with classic wood toys. The abstract piece that stands front and center bridges the age gap with an arresting scribble.   

(Photo: Patrick Cline/Lonny)
Idea 2: Share It
Forget the fridge: take a cue from Los Angeles–based designer Wendy Schwartz, who imbued this Larchmont Village family home with an unmistakably personal touch by mounting the kids' artistic masterpieces in plain sight. Skip the frames in favor of mounts to keep things crisp without losing the immediacy. 

(Photo: Patrick Cline/Lonny)
Idea 3: Wrap It
Designer Palmer Weiss bends the so-called design rules in her San Francisco home, skinning her daughters' playroom in a decidedly adult seagrass textile that allows for the thrilling freedom to thumbtack artwork directly on the wall. The organic, corner-straddling installation also proves she's not afraid to color outside the lines.
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