Let Kids Be Kids: The Perfectly Unmade Look

Jennifer Jansch home | Lonny
(Photos: Jenny Brandt)
I'm in the midst of my annual summer "vacation" in the Hamptons (insert sarcastic chuckle here. Anyone who is or ever has been the parent of toddlers knows there's no such thing as a vacation with them unless a nanny is involved). And after a few frustrating days of running around our beach rental stressing about all the overturned knickknacks, messed-up tablescapes, and trodden-on throw pillows, I remembered these gorgeous images from one of my all-time favorite Lonny features on the Swedish summer home of style expert Jennifer Jansch. And then I thought: You know what? Just embrace the mess.

Leave the shoes in a heap. Pile the books back on the shelf. (Granted, this Pez dispenser collection remains perfectly undisturbed on the top row.) Sweep the art supplies off the floor but go no further—they'll be out again tomorrow. And grab a little mental break from the idea of immaculate organization. It's my summer vacation, after all.
Jennifer Jansch Bookshelf | LonnyJennifer Jansch Cabinet | Lonny
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