Building Blocks for the Budding Design Lover

Studio Dunn Aminal Blocks |
(Studio Dunn's Aminal Blocks. All images courtesy of Studio Dunn)
Well, folks, Black Friday is on the horizon, and I can only imagine the small-scale kerfluffles that are bound to ensue over Frozen paraphernalia or whatever the hot new piece of merchandise is predicted to be. I've got other plans for my kids' gift-giving scenario: the gorgeous new Aminal Blocks from Studio Dunn.
Studio Dunn Aminal Blocks |
The 12-piece set, crafted from sustainably harvested maple, cherry, and walnut—and available as a walnut-free option for those with nut allergies—was created by designer Asher Dunn as an impetus to creativity. A hippo, rhino, panda, elephant, kangaroo, and more are outlined on various blocks, which fit together like a puzzle. “I wanted to use the least number of lines necessary to describe an animal, making the viewer think a little harder to recognize the pieces,” says Dunn. “The point is to encourage observation and imagination.” Room decor or genius kids' toy? The answer is yes.
Studio Dunn Aminal Blocks | Lonny.comStudio Dunn Aminal Blocks |

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