Scent We're Seriously Obsessed With: Coriander by Common Good

Common Good Coriander
(Common Good Coriander all-purpose cleaner and hand soap. All images courtesy of Common Good)
There's a lot of hand-washing involved in being a parent. Cleaning up random messes and unsightly spills—also a huge part of the equation. (Remember when a daily shower was pretty much all you needed to remain clean?) In my quest for natural household cleaners that are super-effective while also being wonderfully scented, I've found a clear favorite: Common Good.

Parents and former prop stylists Sacha Dunn and Edmund Levine came up with the line in 2010 with a mission to make eco cleaning products using plant- or mineral-based ingredients and 100 percent pure essential oils. This spring, they debuted their latest scent, a clean, zesty coriander in a dish soap, hand soap, glass cleaner, and all-purpose spray. The unique fragrance is a welcome change from the slew of citrus and floral scents on the market. I can't get enough of it—and it's a good thing, because the toddlers in my life remain as untidy as ever. Good on you, Common Good.
Sacha Dunn and Family of Common Good
(Common Good founder Sacha Dunn at home in Brooklyn with her kids) 

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