Build the Ultimate Easter Basket with Miette

The beloved San Francisco patisserie is a one-stop shop of delectable goods you'll want to mail-order now.

A spread of delectable treats at the Marin Country Mart location of Miette, in Larkspur, California.
A spread of delectable treats at the Marin Country Mart location of Miette, in Larkspur, California.

Picture your fantasy sweets shop—candy-colored, heaped with goodies, gorgeously styled down to the last detail. That fantasy comes to vivid life at Miette, the San Francisco patisserie that has resurrected the art of old-fashioned confections. The brainchild of master baker Meg Ray, the business has given rise to multiple locations (including one at the city's storied Ferry Building Marketplace), as well as the cookbook Miette: Recipes from San Francisco's Most Charming Pastry Shop. Here, Ray shares her own family's Easter traditions, as well as her tips on what makes the perfect basket. (Mail-order Miette's stellar version here.)   

What is Easter like at Miette?
Easter is huge. I think it's because the shops look spectacular with the pastel candies and chocolates, irresistibly beautiful European sweets and tins, and our endless selection of rabbits, chicks, jelly beans, baskets, and more. We sell all the components for an Easter basket, including our brightly colored fillable eggs that are made not from plastic but from cornstarch.

Build the Ultimate Easter Basket with Miette

What goes into Miette's basket?
The Miette Easter basket contains the highest-quality elements, including cookies, imported candies, and vanilla bean marshmallows. A foil-wrapped bunny is a must; ours is made out of delicious milk chocolate. The little bags of candy are chosen for their pastel colors and are the most popular Easter items in the shop. The Hammond's Lollipop, an American standard, is the final festive touch. I also love anything in cellophane—it crinkles and shines in a way that says "present!" Easter is my favorite holiday, and each year I look forward to finding the perfect basket components—down to the exact shade of ribbon color. This year we've included a surprise egg, which we're very excited about.

Build the Ultimate Easter Basket with Miette

What were some of your family's Easter traditions?
Dyeing Easter eggs was a huge deal when we were growing up. We were a family of six, so it was an extensive operation, followed by days of egg-salad sandwiches. One Easter, the eggs were hidden so well that we couldn't find any of them; it turned out that our Scottie dog had dug a hole and buried every last one before the children woke up. Every year our baskets would be filled with little candies, a chocolate rabbit, and beautiful Erzgebirge toys from Germany. I was the only girl, so I think my basket was particularly special. 

Now that you're all grown up, what would your dream Easter basket contain?
I own a flock of backyard chickens and they lay beautifully colored eggs for me every morning. So instead, I'd like a few bagels from Beauty's Bagel Shop, toasted and spread with cream cheese; a bottle of Frederic Malle perfume; and a huge bouquet of French lilac. What remains the same is that I still want the largest foil-wrapped milk-chocolate bunny you can find.

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