30 Floral Wallpapers You Can Buy Online

These are not the floral wallpapers of yesteryear. Instead, most of them are modern, non-damaging, and easy to apply.

Courtesy of RoomMates.

Wallpaper sometimes gets a bad rap, and we'll be the first to admit that sometimes, it's warranted. It can look old-fashioned and be hard to remove without damaging the wall material underneath it. It can also be challenging to find the perfect pattern for your particular space. But certain retailers are changing the wallpaper game forever with floral wallpapers you can buy online right now and remove with ease.

How are these wallpapers different from their dreary 19th-century predecessors? Well, they're not dreary at all — instead, they're modern, sleek, and can instantly transform any room in your house. They're not as damaging as the wallpapers you've encountered before; instead of permanent adhesives, most modern wallpapers utilize peel-and-stick designs that are easily removable if you change your mind down the line. They also ship straight to your home so you can sort through millions of patterns while sitting comfortably at your computer desk — no lines, salespeople, or showrooms required. 

A few tips before you get started: First, know that "floral" is a very broad term. Yes, it refers to flowers, but these designs can be abstract, realistic, busy, simple, colorful, monochromatic... you name it. Some retailers have also placed leaves, vines, and nature scenes in this category, so we've included some of those here, too. 

Next, figure out if you're wallpapering an accent wall or a full room, and always measure your space before you start shopping. Know how many square feet you're wallpapering and note that different retailers sell drastically different quantities and measurements, so be sure to check the size of the roll before you buy anything. 

Excited to get shopping? These 30 wallpapers are some of the most popular and highly reviewed options from retailers across the internet. Look no further when it comes to fulfilling your floral fantasies.

1. Sophisticated Sketching 

With its black and white color scheme and lightly sketched floral pattern, the Lamartine wallpaper from Lemieux et Cie looks anything but outdated. In fact, this print would make a versatile, refreshing backdrop for just about any space. There's a reason Christiane Lemieux's designs are so well-loved, after all. 

Lemieux et Cie Lamartine Wallpaper, $298, Anthropologie

2. Symmetry And Balance

If order and balance are staples in your household, you'll love the Dusk Florals print from Our Heiday. Its concentrated bouquets are stacked from the floor to the ceiling for a design that's satisfyingly symmetrical — and the peel-and-stick adhesive makes for simple installation.  

Our Heiday Dusk Florals, $80, Chasing Paper

3. Roses That Are Actually Refined

Pink is a color that can fit into almost every space if kept airy and delicate. Whether it's used in a nursery or an adult's room, this Jolie wallpaper mural looks simultaneously darling and refined. How? Its blush pink roses are grounded by olive green leaves and an off-white backdrop. 

Anewall Jolie Wallpaper Mural, $489, Lulu and Georgia

4. To Create A Tropical Getaway 

Courtesy of Tempaper.

Get away to a tropical oasis without leaving home. This canopy wallpaper is a lightly textured solid color towards the floor, which makes the leaves, vines, flowers, and animals look like they're hanging from the ceiling. The custom digital print comes in light blue, navy, red, silver, pink, and champagne. 

Tempaper Chinoiserie Canopy, $12/Square Foot, Tempaper

5. Over 350 Reviews

With 350-plus reviews and an overall rating of 4.6 stars, it's clear that NuWallpaper's Mirei Taupe design is a fan favorite. Throw in that it's shockingly simple to apply (no additional adhesive required) and a $32 roll covers 30.75 square feet, and it's no wonder it's so popular among DIYers. The best news: It won't leave behind any sticky residue. 

NuWallpaper Mirei Taupe Wallpaper, $32, Amazon

6. Abstract Sunflowers In Indigo 

Bold, abstract sunflowers in a bright indigo shade — what's not to love about Robin Ann Meyer's Sunburst print? You can get it in six other colors, plus it's available in two roll sizes and your choice of traditional or peel-and-stick backing. 

Robin Ann Meyer Sunburst Wallcovering, $88, Houzz

7. For A Calming Atmosphere

Create a calming ambiance with this soft pastoral wallpaper. It's available in pastel or brown, but both have a faded watercolor-like design that bleeds into an off-white background. It's also washable because of its printed, non-woven materials. 

Scalamandre Lo Wallpaper, $208, Lulu and Georgia

8. The Palm Leaf Print 

From faux potted plants to pajamas, the palm leaf print is everywhere — and Tempaper proves that it isn't going anywhere soon. The brand's tropical wallpaper is removable, comes pre-coated with a water-based adhesive, and is available in two sizes. While it also comes in pink lemonade and blue raspberry, we're partial to the jungle green. 

Tempaper Tropical Wallpaper, $98, 2Modern

9. Complementary Colors

Courtesy of West Elm.

From Chasing Paper comes this lovely peel-and-stick fabric wallpaper that features complementary colors for a look that just works. On the front, green stems hold up yellowish flowers, while the back features low-tack adhesive that's removable for renters. 

Chasing Paper Sketched Floral Print Wallpaper, $79, West Elm

10. Archival Nature Etchings

Canadian designer Christiane Lemieux was inspired by "archival nature etchings" when she created this Pernelle wallpaper, which is part of her European luxury lifestyle brand. The print aims to combine artisanal influence with modernism and comes in your choice of charcoal, gray, indigo, and tan. 

Lemieux et Cie Pernelle Wallpaper, $108, Anthropologie

11. Like Pressed Flowers On Your Wall

Long-stemmed orange flowers have an almost pressed-on appearance in UO's Georgina floral wallpaper. Despite the bold colors, it works with just about any color scheme thanks to the all-white background. "Only covers a small part of my bedroom yet makes the space look adorable," one reviewer wrote.  

Urban Outfitters Georgina Floral Wallpaper, $49, Urban Outfitters

12. Elegant Yet Easy To Care For

Courtesy of A-Street Prints.

Maybe it's the tropical flowers, the non-woven fabric material, or the four elevated color schemes. Whatever it is, Fiji Floral makes any room look significantly more sophisticated. It's also strippable and washable so you can use it in hallways, bathrooms, and dining spaces. 

A-Street Prints Fiji Floral Wallpaper, $111, Hayneedle

13. Texture, Too

Wallpaper is a great way to add color and pattern to your space, but the right prints (and the right materials) can also add texture. The Innocence wallpaper from Graham & Brown has a simple cut-out twig design that's easy to fall in love with — but the real selling point is the textured effect. Look close and it seems as though the wallpaper is printed on calico fabric. 

Graham & Brown Innocence Charcoal/Silver Wallpaper, $4, Houzz

14. If You're Still Not Sold On Wallpaper

If you're not totally sold on the wallpaper thing, Feather Grass provides a comfortable middle-ground. It features a minimalistic grain field design on the bottom, so it looks more like a decal across a painted wall. You don't have to go as dark as the wallpaper pictured above, though — this one comes in seven different color options, some of which are so muted you'll hardly notice the pattern. 

Farrow & Ball Feather Grass Wallpaper, $295, Farrow & Ball

15. A Touch Of Art Deco

It doesn't get much more glamorous than Tempaper's Bird-Watching print. The blush pink background is bold and modern, while the metallic gold detailing is reminiscent of the Art Deco period. (It also comes in black and gold, which is just as glamorous but significantly moodier.) 

Tempaper Bird Watching Wallpaper, $125, 2Modern

16. "Stunning" And "Easy To Use," According To Buyers 

Courtesy of RoomMates.

"I used this wallpaper as an accent wall in my dining room. It is absolutely stunning! It was so easy to use!" one reviewer raved about RoomMates Cherry Blossom wallpaper — and there are more reviews where that came from. Buyers love it because it installs without mess or hassle thanks to its peel-and-stick backing. It also uses subtle tones and patterns to uplift a space. 

RoomMates Cherry Blossom Wallpaper, $35, Target

17. A Wildflower Meadow 

This wallpaper elicits thoughts of an overgrown meadow thanks to its washed-out wildflowers and bright, airy background. The Botanical Flowers wallpaper from Urban Outfitters is removable and self-adhering. Due to the strip's smaller dimensions, it's best for furniture, shelf backing, or accent walls. 

Urban Outfitters Botanical Flowers Removable Wallpaper, $49, Urban Outfitters

18. Elegant, Hand-Drawn Magnolias 

Courtesy of Graham & Brown.

Because it's elegant and laidback at the same time, this Graham & Brown Pierre wallpaper works just as well in a formal dining space as it does in a relaxing bedroom. The hand-drawn magnolia pattern is delicate yet bold against a solid backdrop. You can get it in your choice of five colors: blue, gold, white gold, silver, and yellow. 

Graham & Brown Pierre Wallpaper, $1.85 per square foot, Perigold

19. Big, Bold, And Vintage 

Courtesy of Drew Barrymore Flower Home.

This vintage wallpaper from Drew Barrymore is anything but safe — it's those loud shades and big, bold flowers that are sure to set your space apart. One buyer opted to use it "behind shelves as an accent" while another said it added a "great pop of color and pattern to [their] guest bathroom."  Either way, the self-adhesive application is significantly easier than glue. 

Drew Barrymore Flower Home Vintage Wallpaper, $49, Hayneedle

20. If You Prefer Subtle And Classy

Courtesy of Morris & Co..

Not everyone's trying to make a massive statement with their wallpaper. Pure Acorn from Morris & Co. (especially the Ecru & Pewter option) goes well with both gray and beige color schemes and adds a little texture to your walls without taking over the room. Its clean, subtle print makes it a good pick for accent walls or for use alongside wainscoting

Morris & Co. Pure Acorn Wallpaper, $149, Rejuvenation

21. Bright And Dreamy Pastels

If you love bright pastels, easy brushstrokes, and a wide variety of dreamy flowers, the Clara Jungle wallpaper is the way to go. It's also removable and sticks on without additional adhesive, so it's a reliable choice for renters or for those who like to redecorate every few years. 

Urban Outfitters Clara Jungle Wallpaper, $49, Urban Outfitters

22. An Amazon Top-Seller

A perfect combination of moody and uplifting, this RoomMates wallpaper features black florals in a watercolor-like style. (It's also available in tan or pink/blue if you'd prefer to go a little lighter.) Thanks to its peel-and-stick, 100 percent removable design, it's one of the most highly rated options on Amazon. 

RoomMates Black Watercolor Wallpaper, $33, Amazon

23. To Complete The Woodland Creatures Theme

Whether it's for a nursery, child's play area, or country cottage, this Oh Deer wallpaper from Anewall is so charming. It comes in light and dark color palettes, both of which feature deer, owls, and dainty floral arrangements. While the pattern is traditional, its olive greens and blush pinks make it a modern pick for this decade. 

Anewall Oh Deer Wallpaper, $469, Lulu and Georgia

24. Impressionist Poppies And Monkeys

Courtesy of Work + Sea.

There's something so playful about impressionist art styles. Throw in some oversized poppies and some undersized monkeys and you've got a wallpaper like no other. Monkeys Of Ghazipur brings whimsy to your walls with its bright colors and quick, effortless brushstrokes. When ordering, you can contact Work + Sea for commercial, fire-resistant, or peel-and-stick variations. 

Work + Sea Monkeys Of Ghazipur Wallpaper, $10 per Sample, Work + Sea

25. Dark, Moody Floral 

Courtesy of Tempaper.

Some of the most contemporary interior designers are using dark color schemes in unexpected places — kitchen cabinets, small bathrooms, accent walls — to give a space that moody wow factor. Perhaps the most stunning design decision of all? Black floral wallpaper. It might seem like a juxtaposition, but it puts an impossible-to-ignore modern spin on an otherwise traditional element. 

Tempaper Moody Floral Wallpaper, $125, Tempaper

26. A New Take On Paisley 

Courtesy of Hygge & West.

Available in four color options (coral, fawn, laurel, and navy), the Florebela wallpaper breathes new life into paisley print. The non-woven material is durable and fade-resistant, as well as pre-trimmed. Since it's washable with mild soap and water, it's a good pick for households with kids or pets. 

Hygge & West Florebela Wallpaper, $136, Hygge & West 

27. Vintage Victorian Jungle

Courtesy of RoomMates.

Modern and moody meets Victorian vintage with this Jungle Toile wallpaper from RoomMates. From afar, it looks like monochromatic foliage, but get up close and you'll note the parrots, lions, and gazelles. Best of all, it's especially low-maintenance since it's removable and peel-and-stick. 

RoomMates Jungle Toile Wallpaper, $30, Target

28. The Tile Aesthetic 

The detailing in this A-Street Print Florentine tile design is exquisite — so much so that, when you look close, you'll see that it has a cracked pearlescent backdrop. Despite the fact that it looks like real porcelain (and would work well for bathrooms and backsplashes), it's much easier than hiring a tiler; one roll covers over 56 square feet. 

A-Street Prints Florentine Gray Tile Wallpaper, $1.44 per Square Foot, Houzz

29. Metallic Magnolias 

Courtesy of Perigold.

Looking to add a little shimmer to your walls? Look no further than Olivia + Poppy's Wild Magnolia wallpaper. The background is an airy white while the flowers have a metallic, copper-colored finish that provides a touch of glam without overwhelming the room. 

Olivia + Poppy Wild Magnolia Wallpaper, $11.20 per square foot, Perigold

30. A Kelly Ventura + Chasing Paper Collaboration

Courtesy of Chasing Paper.

Artist and product designer Kelly Ventura collaborated with Chasing Paper to offer modern wallpaper prints at reasonable prices, and Botany is one of said prints. Its peel-and-stick design uses GreenGuard-certified latex inks for fade- and stain-resistance, and it comes in your choice of rose and blush, tangerine and ivory, or charcoal and putty. 

Kelly Ventura Botany Wallpaper, $80, Chasing Paper 

We hope you love our selection of floral wallpapers! So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.