4. The Ski Hat
The level of difficulty and time commitment for this idea depends on how elaborate you'd like your design to be. (The box pictured here took about two hours.) First, while the box is still flat, use a pencil to lightly draw your design. Next, using a large sewing needle, poke holes along the design—these will be the holes that you sew through. Once you've done that, erase the pencil marks (you might want to quickly sketch your design on a piece of paper that you can reference as you're sewing). Now you're ready to start the fun stuff. Using embroidery thread, yarn, or cord and the large sewing needle, start sewing your design through the holes. Switch out colors and textures to add interest. For the pompom, follow these instructions (you can buy a plastic pompom maker if you'd like). If the idea of "embroidering" an entire box is overwhelming, just sew a design on a box lid.