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Here's How We Would Decorate Diane Keaton's Desert Home

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Designed by Briana Gagnier.
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It's no secret Diane Keaton is a connoisseur of home design. We look up to her knack for nest-making and eye for decor, and if we had to chose just one famous person to dine with, we'd definitely like to finish a bottle of red with this lady. She's a woman of many hats (literally and figuratively), and of course, we admire her acting skills, too (Family Stone! Hello!).

We recently shared that the actress dropped $1.5M on a brand-new desert home, and to be frank, we haven't stopped thinking about this spot. It's the perfect backdrop for a rustic, Scandinavian getaway, and outfitting this space with modern home finds is our dream. So, for the sake of imagination, here's everything we'd buy to finish designing this Arizona abode (alongside Keaton herself, of course).