Find Misplaced Items with TheTileApp

Find Misplaced Items with TheTileApp
(Photo via TheTileApp)
We have to hand it off to the tech-savvy minds out there. Finally, a solution for those of us who misplace everything. If you're constantly losing track of your keys, can't find your wallet, or the remote control always goes missing, TheTileApp is here to save your sanity.

Here's how it works: These small, white tiles can go on just about anything: key rings, laptop chargers, the interior pockets of a handbag—you name it. Once they're linked to TheTileApp on your smartphone, they become instantly trackable. For missing items within Bluetooth range (up to 100 feet), the app will play a jingle as you get closer and closer to your missing item. Searching for that missing DVD remote in the creases of your sofa (aka the black hole of your living room) has never been easier.
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