3 No-Fuss Holiday Hacks

The holidays are synonymous with plenty of wonderful things: family, eggnog, and twinkling lights, to name a few. But there's no amount of good cheer or wishful thinking (Santa, can you hear me now?) that can alleviate the attendant stress of decorating your home for the season, whether that means unboxing a tree or stringing lights from every bough within reach. Read on for a few #HolidayHacks, straight from Lonny HQ, that'll help you navigate the decorative challenges ahead.
Ornaments in a bowlIllustrations by Kaylei McGaw
1. Take your ornaments off the tree
Gather color-coordinated orbs in a bowl, and use them as a tabletop centerpiece. Alternatively, you can simply set atop a stack of books.

Gifts wrapped with sweaters
2. Repurpose an old sweater as gift wrap
A green solution to what eco-conscious family members might see as the most egregious gifting faux pas. Here's our how-to.

A fireplace mantel topped with gifts
3. Skip the stockings
Arrange small gifts in artful vignettes on your mantel. Use hand-lettered name tags to make sure each gift goes to its intended.
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