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Holy Matcha Is The Pink Terrazzo Dream You Need In Your Life

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Photographed by Amber Thrane of Dulcet Creative.
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When Holy Matcha opened up its first outpost in the North Park neighborhood, we kind of freaked out. The pink and palm-filled spot was exactly the kind of place our Instagram feeds were dreaming of. Now, the next iteration of the matcha cafe is opening up, and it's just a dreamy as the last one.

“It was never part of the plan to do a second Holy Matcha,” shares owner Geraldine Ridaura. “But I was so inspired after my recent travels to Paris, Japan, and Italy, I wanted to express myself through another location.”

Complete with an amazing design from Homework, the terrazzo-covered store is the 2019 version of the 'grammable cafe that's worth a visit. Read ahead to get a full look at the design.