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Her Dad's Hack
Her favorite dad hack? "The one that stands out most readily in my mind — and that I have passed down to my (still young) children — is his photography hack," says Frederickson.

"Lamenting the sad state of the very bare walls in my first apartment and my non-existent art budget, I was at a loss for how to spruce up my abode. My dad suggested that I grab a (non-digital… this was the early '90s) camera and capture images of things in my every day life in New York," she says. "I had no photography experience or skills, but I decided to give it a go. I was shocked to discover how artful the quotidian can be when captured on (black and white) film."

"He also introduced me to the push-pin salon wall. After compiling a collection of about 40-50 of my photographs (printed as matte 8x10 images) we created a huge salon wall using run-of-the-mill flat push-pins to hold in place the four corners of each image. Instant art! And endless hours of conversation about the art at dinners/parties in my home," she adds. 

"I have had a photography salon wall (with all images I have personally taken) - always hung with simple push-pins - in each home I’ve lived," says the pro. "My young children now use my phone camera to capture the beauty of their surroundings (super close up images of nature) and they’re creating a push-pin salon wall of their own!"