This Portland Home Is A Warm Pacific Northwest Haven

Take a look inside this cool family home.

Photographed by Mikola Accuardi; Styled by Mikhael Roman.

It's hard not to fall in love with Whitney Goodman's style. The Portland native has a cool look that captures an elegant take on West Coast vibes mixed with the coziness of the Pacific Northwest. So when you take a peek into the home of the consultant and former store owner, the design totally makes sense.

Filled with beautiful bones, lots of warm blonde wood, and an eclectic mix of finds old and new, Goodman's home is one we could happily move into. Not only does it have a stylish sensibility to it, but it also is a space that truly can be lived in. It's not a museum, but a home.

Now with a baby on the way, Goodman is prepping the space for one new addition. Want to take a peek inside? Read ahead to browse the amazing Oregon abode.

This Portland Home Is A Warm Pacific Northwest Haven
Photographed by Mikola Accuardi; Styled by Mikhael Roman.

What first drew you to this home? Do you have any favorite parts of its architecture and location?

Whitney Goodman: My husband and I have always been drawn to mid-century and ranch-style homes, which are hard to come by in Portland, particularly this close in to Downtown. I was spending an obscene amount of time on Zillow and came across this house, which was clearly a fixer upper but had good bones. It’s less than 10 minutes from Downtown and one street away from my childhood home, where my parents still live. I literally never knew this little street existed. We love that it’s easy to get everywhere, close to family, and feels very private and peaceful. 

Have you done any renovations in your space?

WG: Oh yeah! We lived in the house for a few months before we renovated to get a feel for the space and ultimately ended up taking on a pretty major project. I called the house the Avocado House because everything was either brown or green. Things were old and worn out.

We knocked out walls in the dining/kitchen/living area to create an open space and completely redid the kitchen to modernize it. We also did a ton of work on the master bathroom and closet, which had a tiny, dorm-style shower, a toilet with a half wall, and multiple stairs that brought you up to a vanity centered in the room that you had to walk behind to find the closet. It was strange to say the least, but I think we did a great job of making the space functional. My best friend and her mom have an interior design firm called Dailey Design Studio, and they did an incredible job of space planning and helping us reconfigure the layouts.

How would you define your personal aesthetic?

WG: I’m drawn to natural textures, materials, and colors. I don’t like neons or anything too bright. We wanted to create a space that felt authentic to the Pacific Northwest, extremely comfortable, and relaxed. With clothes and with furniture, I’m against bringing anything into my life doesn’t prioritize comfort and functionality first and foremost. 

This Portland Home Is A Warm Pacific Northwest Haven
Photographed by Mikola Accuardi; Styled by Mikhael Roman.

What would you say are your biggest style influences?

WG: I’m inspired by nature, design blogs, sites like Lonny, and Instagram!

We absolutely love your large open-plan space! How have you worked to create separate zones throughout the room through its design?

WG: When we bought the house, the kitchen, dining area, and living area were all different rooms. Our first priority was knocking out the walls to open the space up since it’s not big, but also to let more light in and give visual access to all of the greenery around us.

To be honest, we are still in progress on furnishing the space, but I think the color palette and dividing the functionality of the space is important. The other thing that has actually worked out in helping create a natural division between eating and living is the wood post, which we had to keep for structural reasons. We wrapped it in fir that matches the kitchen cabinetry and walls, and I think it ties things together nicely while still creating a visual barrier. 

This Portland Home Is A Warm Pacific Northwest Haven
Photographed by Mikola Accuardi; Styled by Mikhael Roman.

How have you been prepping your home for the arrival of your baby? Have you changed around your home apart from creating the nursery space?

WG: We have a long way to go in the baby-prep department! We started working on our nursery, which incorporates new pieces, artwork that used to hang in my former store, and pieces generously given to us by friends. We still need to add a lot to the nursery, but I am happy with the direction we are going in. We are having a girl, but like the idea of a gender neutral space. 

This Portland Home Is A Warm Pacific Northwest Haven
Photographed by Mikola Accuardi; Styled by Mikhael Roman.

Can you share the story behind the large art piece above your record player?

WG: My husband and I lived in New York for a few years and always loved visiting the Morrison Hotel Gallery, which has an insane collection of music photography. My in-laws were visiting one weekend and we stopped by the gallery — and saw this unbelievably cool photo of The Rolling Stones, our favorite band. Our in-laws helped us get it as a housewarming present and it’s been with us ever since. 

Do you have any favorite decor piece in your home?

WG: The Rolling Stones photo is a prized possession that has traveled with us from New York to L.A., and finally to Portland. Our most used and beloved piece of furniture is without question our Restoration Hardware Cloud Sectional. It’s huge and we end virtually every night stretched out on it watching Netflix. In the fall and winter, we light a fire nightly and it’s the coziest space. 

Is there anything else you would like to share?

WG: This house is our first home together and has so many important memories tied up in it already. My husband proposed to me outside the house after our offer was accepted, we designed the renovation together, and this January, we will be bringing a new family member home!

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