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How 7 Fashion And Beauty Editors Actually Organize Their Spaces

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Photographed by Hannah Choi for Emily Gaynor; Courtesy of Emily Gaynor; Designed by Briana Gagnier.
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Find Your Niche
“I am pretty simplistic when it comes to my everyday style, but I always like to have one or two details that bring out my fun side/my love for anything glittery or shimmery,” shares Emily Gaynor, MILK Makeup editorial director. “That usually comes out in either my highlight (Milk Makeup Holographic Stick in Stardust!) or my accessories (a fuzzy purse, a shifting rainbow mood ring, sparkling shoes) — something that stands out against my usually all-black color palette.”

She adds, “I can’t part ways with any moisturizer. I’ll give away a ton of beauty products, but I just can’t part with moisturizer.”