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How 7 Fashion And Beauty Editors Actually Organize Their Spaces

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Designed by Briana Gagnier for Lonny.
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When you’re a beauty editor with access to almost everything, it can be pretty hard to keep it all organized. Between gifts, sample sales, and everything in between, it’s no surprise how one can end up swimming in stuff. Once I decided to go freelance, I knew I needed to get my act together, especially since I planned on working from home.

I still receive two to five boxes of product a day (which can be overwhelming), but gone is the guilt of giving it up. In fact, I take pleasure on gifting friends and family or treating a local women’s shelter to gently used products that simply didn’t vibe with me.

Of course, I was interested in how the stylish set keeps their space sane because the struggle is real. Here’s insight from seven fashion and beauty editors (plus a peek into their beauty cabinets and closets) about how they decide what makes the cut at home.