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How 7 Fashion And Beauty Editors Actually Organize Their Spaces

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Designed by Briana Gagnier for Lonny.
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“One day I’ll be organized enough to color-curate my life, but for right now, I try to organize my beauty products by category,” explains Gaynor. “I used to just throw all my products into bags without any rhyme or reason, but that’s a surefire way to not use anything. Now, I have more of a system. I put any skincare I use in my medicine cabinet. I can be a little lazy with my routine, so if it’s not right in front of my face when I’m in the bathroom, I probably won’t go that extra step of tracking it down.”

““I’ll weed out a few things here and there, but my recent move really forced me to realize I don’t need to be holding onto my college wardrobe that hasn’t seen the light of day in seven years.”