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How 7 Fashion And Beauty Editors Actually Organize Their Spaces

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Designed by Briana Gagnier for Lonny.
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“I have a bag in my closet I'm always adding things to. When that fills up, I pull out anything nice to sell on TheRealReal or Tradesy and then I donate or recycle the rest,” explains Williamson. “Now that I work for a sustainable slow fashion brand, I think a lot more about what I buy and how I dispose of things.”

“Before I even buy something, I think about what will happen to it if I decide to get rid of it. Is it something that can live past a few washes or an event? Can I resell it or give it to a friend and give it a second life? If not, it’s probably not something that’s going to come home with me. “

She adds, “Remember the first purge is always the hardest. I was a beauty and fashion editor for years and had accumulated so much stuff before I decided to simplify.”