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How 9 People Fell In Love With Design

Matthew Malin, Co-Founder of MALIN+GOETZ
"Luxury design and exposure to many worlds of aesthetics and creativity have been part of our lives and led by our personal interests," shares Matthew Malin.  "We would consider MALIN+GOETZ the culmination of our experiences and an opportunity to showcase our specific take on design as applied to an industry not focused on such 15 years ago when we started."

"Our homes are filled with items we love, many we have purchased on our travels or simply in or around where we live. About 10 years ago, we were in Sweden and purchased an Alvar Alto desk lamp. We mistakenly converted the price to dollars believing it was about a tenth of the price we actually paid! Needless to say, it is a true piece of art and an item I enjoy seeing every day."