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How A Lofted Bed Was Transformed Into The Cutest Small-Space Play Room

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Courtesy of Flashpoint Collective.
Beautiful Build
"The biggest challenge came before the designs even began. The design was heavily dependent upon how the loft bed was going to be supported," shares Cronin. "It was smart on Erin’s part to have me there before the platform was built. I saw the space before sheetrock was up."

"When Erin explained what their plan was, I immediately knew that posts supporting the loft bed would greatly restrict not only the amount of storage they would get, but also the flow and aesthetic of the space as well," she says.

"I’m no contractor, but I posed them with the challenge of supporting the loft bed platform with posts between the studs in the wall. I wasn’t sure this could even be done, but they executed it perfectly and gave us the 90-degree corners that allowed us to make this design happen."