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How An Empty Office Became A Color-Splashed Paradise

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Photographed by Seth Caplan for Homepolish.
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When it comes to your work space, you want to it to be efficient, comfortable, and inspiring. Well Twelve NYC's new offices are just that. For a global product development company that works with stylish brands like MILK Makeup, Superga, and Soul Cycle, design had to be a priority when then they moved into a blank 2400-square-foot office.

CEO and founder Katie Conovitz called on Homepolish to create a space that felt like a true reflection of the brand: fun, creative, and colorful — but still sophisticated. With the help of designers Tali Roth and Tina Rich, the offices were transformed into a color-soaked haven that feels truly original.

Want to explore the space? Click ahead for an inside look at the design process.