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"Mulan is a princess but she is also a warrior — two personas that we wanted to showcase in her modern-day living room," says Wood. "Self determined and independent, Mulan’s space is filled with clean, minimalistic lines and a classic color palette of reds, blues, and neutrals. The overall vibe strikes a balance of feminine and masculine features."

"Mulan’s style is totally minimal with hints of Eastern-inspired mid-century. The rug is the centerpiece that ties the whole room together and represents both sides of her — both traditional and a rebel at heart," she shares. "Our favorite piece is the memoriam to Mushu in the corner, keeping Mulan company on quiet nights at home."

"Mulan fans, look for minimal furniture. Anything mid-century modern is your friend — and bring in a touch of traditional with elements such as a rug, tapestry, or artwork."