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"Elsa’s story takes place in the countryside of Norway and combines features from her family's home and her ice palace," explains Wood. "We imagined if Elsa had a modern day space, bringing elements of a winter wonderland indoors would be key, specifically through the color palette and materials."

"This is a cozy retreat that mimics Norwegian folk patterns, which can be found through the rug, pillows, and bed. Elsa’s bedroom is a place of solitude and comfort," she says. "The hand-embossed bed from Anthropologie is a show-stopper and Elsa’s most coveted item. The regal headboard and beautiful pattern on gleaming metal feels traditional and contemporary."

"Pieces that really make the space feel like Frozen are the antler pendant light which is cabin chic (but faux, of course), 'Let It Go' pillow, Olaf mug, snowman decor, and sprinkles of tributes to Sven the reindeer."

"To get Elsa’s look at home, think about starting with a winter palette with rich blues, silvers, and bright whites," Wood recommends. "Bring nature indoors through faux hides and furs and adding acrylic and mirrored surfaces help recreate an icy cool look without being over the top."