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"We aimed to create a luxurious space that encapsulated the color palette and romance of Belle," shares Wood. "Her iconic yellow gown is recreated in this room’s focal point — the beautiful Anthropologie velvet sofa — and other key pieces were selected to recreate the shapes and personality of our favorite characters. The Wardrobe keeps a watchful eye over the room, while Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Lumiere are sprinkled throughout the space."

"Belle loved to read so of course we stocked the surfaces with some of her favorite novels. Nods to the magical rose in the Beast’s tower is evident throughout and we think she would always have kept her vases and pots filled with fresh stems."

"The dramatic but glamorous chandelier is a stunning piece, made to reflect the curves of Belle’s gown," she says. "Her Parisian roots are evident in the choices of classic style furniture, balanced by her more rustic countryside upbringing in the relaxed setup of the space."

"Love this look as much as we do? Look to bring in lush velvets in Belle’s iconic yellow hue into your home. Classic curves and gold accents can also bring Belle’s magical world to life in your own space."