"We wanted to create a colorful bedroom where Moana, the island adventurer and dreamer, could come home to and chill out in – a place where she can easily relax on her own with the perfect view of the ocean," shares Wood.

"The tropical-inspired daybed and wall color with its ocean-like feel bring this space right into the world of Moana. The room divider is reminiscent of sails of a rustic boat and the wooden boat decor on the console serves as another nod to her passion for the sea and many journeys she has been on," she explains. "The space is eclectic and youthful, and we could easily see Moana twirling about her room, singing 'How Far I’ll Go.'"

"Moana fans, to recreate this space for yourself, look for bohemian-inspired pieces, such as tassels, anything rattan, clay pots, or mixed wood. Bold teals and colors that represent the ocean are also easy ways to bring some Moana into your life."