Snow White

"If Snow White was a modern day designer, she would 100% be Joanna Gaines," says Alessandra Wood, Design History PhD and Modsy’s director of style. "She loves the rustic farmhouse style and is drawn to comfortable and lived-in pieces. This is her bedroom and she would have used this as the ultimate 'enchanted forest' escape, perfect for inspiring daydreams and bringing solace from the outside world."

"We imagine her spending hours on the amazing Anthropologie canopy bed, as its beautiful frame and details remind her of the woods," she shares. "The geodes on the dresser represent her 'dwarfs' mining for gems, plus we thought that Snow White today would totally be into crystals and their healing powers."

"For those drawn to this style, look for pieces that are inspired by nature, such as anything with an engraving or natural wood grains. Mix your patterns, and don’t be afraid to shy away from the flea market. Snow White was a lover of animals so anything animal-inspired – bold or subtle – would do the trick!"