Courtesy of Meg Lewis.
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The life of a freelancer can be tough. Between being on your own and working hard to find projects, it can be an isolating business. So while Minneapolis-based web and graphic designer Meg Lewis knew that she wanted to freelance, she didn't want to do it alone.

"Whether it’s helping me draft a difficult email or giving me on-the-fly design advice, being around others rules," shares Lewis. "As a freelancer I find so much value in the support and advice of others around me"

Her solution? Fostering both remote and local design collectives to help her and fellow creatives develop a community. Between her freelance group Ghostly Ferns and a brand new co-working space Fool Proof, Lewis has really made designing solo a group effort.

Click ahead to learn about Lewis's incredible career journey and explore Fool Proof's bright and fun space.