Courtesy of Erin Hiemstra.
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Career Reflections

"I'm closing in on my 10th year of Apartment 34," says Hiemstra. "I'm excited to take the excuse to really celebrate the site's journey (and my own!). There are also some exciting things in the works including more forays into video, more travel and things, but ultimately I just want to chase my passions," she says. "I never set out for world domination with Apt34 — I've carved out my own tiny little corner of the universe and I'm quite satisfied with that." 

She adds, "It's always an amazing feeling to see something you put out into the world resonate with others. I've always approached my site with the attitude that pretty much only my mom is actually reading, so positive reaction and the growth of the Apt34 community have always felt extremely special. I'm forever grateful."