Photographed by Tessa Neustadt. for Homepolish
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I'm becoming an expert in getting dumped. I had a pretty good winning streak through my twenties, where somehow I managed to always be the dumper, not the dumpee (pretty sure neither of those are real words, sorry).

But once I hit my thirties that winning streak ended and getting dumped is becoming a part-time profession, full-time obsession for me. I didn't really have any significant relationships until my late twenties, so it's not that surprising that I didn't deal with difficult break-ups until after my thirtieth birthday.

My first major break-up was in 2013, when my boyfriend dumped me after a two year, relatively tumultuous-yet-passionate relationship. And then again last fall I was dumped again, pretty much out of the blue, for reasons I still don't fully understand and were never actually explained. Whatever.

But today's topic is not my history of rejection. Today we are going to talk about how useful interior design can be in healing from a painful breakup. As an expert in being heartbroken and left behind, I've come up with some strategies on how best to deal with the emotional ramifications of losing a relationship. Below are my tips for beautifying after a breakup!

Orlando Soria began his career as a production designer for short films, music videos, and indie features. His major breakthrough came when he was cast for HGTV's "Secrets From A Stylist," where he got his start in interior design.

Since then, he's worked with clients such as Kelly Oxford, Whitney Port, Gray Malin, Rumi Neely and more. Coming on as Homepolish's Premier Designer, he now lends his Martha Stewart meets Louie CK humor to the Homepolish Magazine, designs for some of Homepolish's best clients and runs his life and style site, Hommemaker. He's based out of a Los Angeles home he calls "Chateaulando."