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Yield Design Co.
"Rachel and I were both 24 when we started YIELD and were very novice, with no financial backing, and no following," explains Deming. "It’s always gratifying to see nothing turn into something, and our social following has been a leading indicator of that transition."

"A year or so after we started the business, we relocated from San Francisco to St. Augustine, a small coastal town in Florida," he says. "The shift from a populous area to a relatively unknown location further emphasized the importance of social connectivity and led us to place more importance on it as a means of communication."

"We do feel the pressure to post daily and stay in touch with our following. The structure we’ve created helps us share content like inspiration and behind the scenes glimpses on days that we are heads-down working and don’t necessarily have a brand new announcement," Deming says. "This allows our following to see a balance of our work as well our personalities as designers."