Recreation Center
"Recreation Center is a small brand of handmade ceramics, based in NYC," explains the designer Josephine Heilpern. "Our focus is on functional ware for the home, ranging from tableware to planters and vases." She adds, "Each item is meant for day to day use. Bringing a little joy to the activities we do everyday and that are so essential to our survival, feeding and nourishing ourselves."

"I started my Instagram account just as a personal account, many years ago," explains Heilpern. "I was never really that into social media, I didn't really even get Facebook until way after I graduated from college. I remember posting my first picture on Instagram and feeling so self-conscious. I probably only had 10 followers at the time and they were close friends, so I had nothing to be scared about!"

"That page just grew, from personal stuff moving onto occasionally posting something I made," she explains. The first time I posted a Dot Mug (my most popular item), I got so much encouragement. And from that my followers grew outside my circle."

"It was very surprising. I started making internet friends and it all felt so new at the time," says Heilpern. "It really expanded my vision as to what was out there and what people were making."

"As my following grew, I got a little more serious and more curated about what I posted," she says. "I love to take photos of my work. Setting up still lives has always been an activity that made me happy. Having Instagram as a platform to easily distribute images gives me a drive to do do it and to keep taking pictures.

She adds, "Now I really try to stay away from more personal stuff and try to just keep it ceramics. It feels good to keep some of my life private. I think people share a little too much."