Yield Design Co.
Need some amazing creations in your feed? You better give Yield Design Co. a follow. “We design and manufacture a range of furniture, housewares, bags, and jewelry,” explain founders Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming. “The wide range of work we do is unified through a warm minimalist aesthetic and a focus on ethical and responsible production practices.”

“We created our main accounts within six months of starting the business,” they explain. “In the early days, it was very haphazard, but we soon realized the potential that it held. If you fast forward to today, we still don’t follow a strict calendar, but we have worked to better define our approach.”

“As our company has changed (new products, growing team, new location, etc.) we’ve had to evolve our brand direction and our ‘voice.’ Since Instagram and other social outlets are the main vehicle for expressing that voice, you can see that evolution clearly taking place through our photos.”